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Actions Scripts Thread the selected messages based on date, old to new Download Search DuckDuckGo for the selected text Download Add or fix the Date header of a message that is missing the header or showing a non RFC-compliant value Download Search google for selected message-id Download A wrapper to mairix, to enable global searches in mail folders Download Search any searchable website for the selected text Download Attempt to view an attachment as plain text Download
uudec Decode and display uuencoded images Download
uuooffice Decode and open uuencoded documents with OpenOffice Download
Address book conversion Import a Thunderbird, Becky, Kmail or GMail address book Download Convert a Eudora address book to a Gnomecard Download Import a Mew address book Download Import The Bat! address books Download Import an Outlook generated contact list Download Convert an Evolution vCard into a Claws Mail address book Download
Mailbox conversion Import mbox files with attachments from Calypso Download Convert an mbox format mailbox into the MH format used by Claws Mail Download Convert a Kmail mailbox into a Claws Mail mailbox Download Integrate a Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox into Claws Mail Download
Other tools Send PDFs from Adobe Reader 7 to Claws Mail Download
Clawsker GUI editor for Claws Mail's hidden options Download Convert Sylpheed (>= 0.9.99) filter rules into Claws' filtering rules Download Convert Sylpheed (< 0.9.99) filter rules into Claws' filtering rules Download Convert a 48x48 GIF file to an X-Face header Download
KDEservicemenus Send files from Dolphin or Konqueror to Claws Mail Download Send files from Nautilus to Claws Mail Download Open messages in POPFile control center to edit their status Download Uses scrot to take a screenshot and then sends it to via Claws Mail Download Display various attachments as text Download Convert Thunderbird filter rules into Claws' filtering rules Download
update-po Update the .po files named on the command line Download