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Address Book

  • improve layout

wwp: I'd propose to (optionally) embed/dock the edit dialog contents into the AB window, thus keeping a classical look. See faked screenshots: editing user info [1], editing group members [2].

It may be important that the embedding of the edit dialog contents into the AB window is made optional (even if done by default), as this new layout might eat more space for some people. More over, users with small screens may like to keep the old scheme, i.e. use the edit dialog instead.

Also, when opening the AB, the edit part should not show, until the user explicitely wants to Edit a contact/group (dble-click on a contact/group, or using the menu entry 'Edit'). Doing this, we won't interfer w/ the way the AB is used when Composing (to add recipients), as there it's more important to see contacts than editing their data. The vertical slider between the contact list and the edit part would allow to see more contacts, but the edit part would be made close-able.

  • make it a separate application ? ( I'd rather not (think startup time and fast communication between the two apps), but a --addressbook flag would be nice - Colin)
    • I'll take those ideas to make a separate address book application that would generate vcards so that it could work (theorically with all apps) -- Hoa.
  • make it a plugin! The tree structure of the AB makes it an ideal candidate to appear as another folder hierarchy. Further ideas include drag'n'drop of addresses/mails (droping a mail would add all the addresses contained in it).
  • open the AB hooks API in Sylpheed-Claws so that plugins can be written to use other address books (or other AB program to be used directly). IMO nothing easy here, and I'm not even dealing w/ the completion mechanism.


  • in account configuration, hide advanced option so that basic options are all under the same tab

Message List

  • collapsed thread selection
    • when clicking on a collapsed thread (for example, when clicking on the subject) => expand all the thread
    • when the thread is collapsed and selected, consider all the thread is selected