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A tarball of the full set of themable icons can be found here.

The Icons

Toolbar Icons

Standard size: 24x24px

Mail receive.png mail_receive.xpm Get Mail
Receive Mail on current Account
Mail receive all.png mail_receive_all.xpm Get Mail
Receive Mail on all Accounts
Mail send.png mail_send.xpm Send
Send message
Mail send queue.png mail_send_queue.xpm Send
Send Queued Messages
Mail compose.png mail_compose.xpm Email
Compose email
News compose.png news_compose.xpm News
Compose news
Mail reply.png mail_reply.xpm Reply
Reply to message
Mail reply to all.png mail_reply_to_all.xpm All
Reply to All
Mail reply to author.png mail_reply_to_author.xpm Sender
Reply to Sender
Mail forward.png mail_forward.xpm Forward
Forward Message
Up arrow.png up_arrow.xpm Previous
Go to Previous Unread Message
Down arrow.png down_arrow.xpm Next
Go to Next Unread Message
Address book.png address_book.xpm AddrBk
Address book
Trash btn.png trash_btn.xpm Trash
Trash Message
Spam btn.png spam_btn.xpm Spam
Learn Spam
Ham btn.png ham_btn.xpm Ham
Learn Ham
Exec.png exec.xpm Execute
Mail.png mail.xpm Draft
Save to Draft folder
File:Paste.png paste.xpm Insert
Insert file
Mail attach.png mail_attach.xpm Attach
Attach file
Mail sign.png mail_sign.xpm Sign
Insert Signature
Edit extern.png edit_extern.xpm Edit
Edit with external editor
Linewrapcurrent.png linewrapcurrent.xpm Wrap
Wrap long lines of current paragraph
Linewrap.png linewrap.xpm Wrap
Wrap all long lines
Check spelling.png check_spelling.xpm Spelling
Check spelling
Close.png close.xpm Close
Close window
Open mail.png open_mail.xpm Open
Open email
Preferences.png preferences.xpm Preferences
Properties.png properties.xpm Properties