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Claws Mail Development Model

 Stage 0: Release of a new .0 version
 Stage 1: Propose ideas/goals
 Stage 2: Implementation, single developer testing and committing to CVS.
          Fix reported and discovered bugs.
 Stage 3: Synchronization and multiple developer (and CVS users) testing, 
          unless the code is mature enough, go to stage 2 (or 1).
          From time to time, migrate bugfixes to stable branch.
 Stage 4: Depending on the goals reached, code maturity, moon phase and 
          other variables, release a stable bugfix, a beta, or a rc.
 Stage 5: Magic happens here.
 Stage 6: Feature freeze (usually 2 weeks before 8).
 Stage 6b:Fix bugs.
 Stage 7: String freeze (usually 1 week before 8).
 Stage 8: Release a new shiny version.

Motto: All of this can change at developers will. Code must flow.