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=== When I send mail, the Content-Type header says the mail is in US-ASCII, even when I specified ISO-8859-1? ===
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If no ISO-8859-1 characters (>= 0x80) are used in the message body, Claws Mail will automatically set the charset value in the Content-Type header as US-ASCII.
=== Why does it look like word wrap is not working? ===
=== Why does it look like word wrap is not working? ===

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yes is my

Why does it look like word wrap is not working?

Check your Wrapping settings in '/Configuration/Preferences/Compose/Wrapping'.

Why can't I use gvim as external editor?

If one wishes to use gvim as an external editor it's necessary to start it with the no-fork option -f, i.e. in the configuration dialog box you need to enter "gvim -f %s". If not the editor forks and open up a separate file and when one quits the editor the changes are lost and don't show up in the composer window.

(Thanks, Ed Collins!)

Can I quote just parts of the original message when replying?

Yes, select the part in the textview and choose "reply".

Can I reply without quoting at all?

Use the Reply button's dropdown list, (click the arrow on the right of the Reply button), and select 'Reply without quote'. (This also applies to message forwarding.)

Tip: You can also assign hotkeys to these menu entries.

Address completion in composition window

In the address fields, type a few letters, hit <TAB>, select wanted address, and hit <ENTER>.

Why does the spell checker split words containing accents/umlaut/"special characters"?

Because your system is not configured to support non-English text: Claws Mail must be run with one of LC_ALL or LC_CTYPE environment variables set to a value representing your language. For example, if you want to be able to spell check French, you can run Claws Mail with "LC_CTYPE=fr_FR@euro claws-mail". As French character set is iso-8859-15, you will be able to spell check all other European languages with this setting. You can set LC_CTYPE in one of your startup scripts to avoir setting it at each launch. For example, for an English locale supporting ISO-8859-15, you can use the Irish locale and put "export LC_ALL=en_IE@euro" in $HOME/.bashrc. See the locale man-pages ('man locale') for more information about locales and environment variables. See the man-pages of your shell for the startup scripts used by your shell. I have no idea on how GNOME or KDE desktops set locales.

Non-latin1 characters cause problems when corresponding with Yahoo acounts

By non-latin1 (or "special") characters we mean special characters used by languages other than English.

There are two problems when corresponding with Yahoo accounts. First, Yahoo will ignore any Content-Type specified for a message and display it with the Latin1/ISO-8859-1 character set. This will make special characters appear strange. You can fix this in your browser by manually changing the character encoding to the proper one. But you have to know which one the message you received uses, or you have to look in the "full headers" at the Content-Type header.

Secondly, Yahoo places a character set of US-ASCII on all outgoing email, regardless of actual contents. Claws Mail will see the set is US-ASCII and will behave in strange ways. At the very least, you'll see garbled characters instead of the proper characters. Just like in the browser, you can override the Content Type from the View menu. Again, you need to guess what the proper set is.

This is definitely wrong behaviour from the part of Yahoo and it's not certain whether the Claws Mail developers will agree to implement a workaround.

Can I save a message in the Sent folder before encrypting it?

Yes. In the Account Preferences, on the Privacy page, use the option 'Save sent encrypted message as clear text'