Connecting to MS Exchange

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MS Exchange 2003

This part needs Your attention

MS Exchange 2007

MS Exchange 2007 prefers, and is default configured to, use GSSAPI for both IMAP and SMTP. At present Claws-Mail only supports GSSAPI for IMAP. The next preferred authentication method for Exchange 2007 is NTLM which is not supported in Claws-Mail. Your only option for connecting to Exchange 2007 is if your company's mail administrator enables plain IMAP in Exchange - plain IMAP is not enabled by default.

Apart from the above there is another misbehavour from Exchange 2007: although announcing the presence of Outbox (Queue) and Drafts folders, these are in read-only mode. This is causing a bit of annoyance since the IMAP specification RFC 2060 clearly states that the mail client, if these folders are announced, should use those folders for queueing and saving drafts. The only way of solving these issues is to instruct Claws-mail to use another folder for queue and draft. Also folders for sent and trash are named differently than the specication instructs: Sent is named "Sent Items" and trash is named "Deleted Items".

These are the required steps:

  • configure what ever settings is given to you about the company's connection - no MAPI though. Default is IMAPS (port 993) and SMTP-TLS (port 587) using AUTH LOGIN. To use the same username and password provided for IMAP4 leave the username and password field empty.

  • Edit Accounts -> Advanced. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that you instruct claws to use a local/other imap account for queing and drafts.